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CSFF Blog Tour: The Spirit Well

First I need to apologize to Mr. Lawhead and my CSFF Blog Tour friends. This is coming way too late and I'm very sorry for that. With that said here's my post.

Stephen Lawhead is an author I've planned to read for a while now but never got around to for one reason or another. I've actually read his son's first book, thanks to the CSFF Blog Tour. Now thanks to the CSFF Blog Tour I have finally read my first Stephen Lawhead novel, The Spirit Well.

The Spirit Well is the third book in the Bright Empires series. Kind of an odd place to be introduced to an author, but it worked well. As you may have guessed, I had not read the other two books. I did read some synopsis' of the first two books and there is actually a recap in the beginning called "Previously in the Bright Empire Series". I felt I had at least some idea of what was going on in the story.

The Spirit Well continues the adventures of Kit Livingstone and Mina Klug and the Flinders-Petrie clan. I think we are introduced to a new character, Cassandra Clarke, who accidentally falls into a ley line at an archaeological dig. A ley line is a doorway into either the past or the future, allowing time travel. I think they also take you to a different location as well.

There are people trying to use these ley lines to their advantage so intrigue ensues as people are going from one time and place to another. The Spirit Well is a great story with never a lull in the action.

While I did have no problem figuring out what was going on, I can't help feel like I'm still missing some things. I really want to go and read the first two books now. I'd like to see how the characters became who they are now, for they certainly have changed.

I'm glad I was introduced to Stephen Lawhead and plan to dig into this series and then jump into his other books. I've already spied the King Raven Trilogy at my local library. The Bone House is also on sale at our local Ollies so I'll just have to grab The Skin Map.

Is it possible to jump into the series with The Spirit Well? Possibly. But if you have the choice, get The Skin Map and work you way up. I think you'll have a good time.

Check out what Stephen Lawhead is up on his website and/or his Facebook page.

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  1. Thanks for posting on this book, Shane. You were brave to dive into such a complex story right in the middle. I think the "Previously" summary was good, but you're right that there is much either omitted or glossed over, and the reading experience will be enhanced if you read the first two books.

    I enjoyed the King Raven series. If you're a Robin Hood fan, you'll like them, I think. It's an interesting take on the legend.



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