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CSFF Blog Tour: Angel Eyes

This first CSFF Tour of the year we are doing is Angel Eyes, by Shannon Dittemore, the first book in the Angel Eyes Trilogy. Knowing this one was coming up, I was interested in seeing another Angel story and how much it would differ from Eye of the Sword, another Angel story we toured a few months back.

Eye of the Sword riled up some people on the liberties taken with angels, but it never phased me. With the former controversy in mind, I approached Angel Eyes more aware of how the subject of angels would be handled.

Unlike Eye of the SwordAngel Eyes  is set here in the modern world. The angels are the angels of the bible for the most part. There are fallen angels and guardian angels. They are not chubby toddlers, but warriors and scary at times, specifically the fallen ones. So the angel topic did seem to be too controversial, but how was the story?

Our protagonist, Brielle or Elle for short, is a high school senior coming back to her small hometown after two years in the big city. Reeling from a tragedy that had befallen her best friend, Elle tries to ease back into small town livin' and all it's trappings. Hanging with her friends and going to school is not as easy as she had hoped, even with the support of her dad.

Thankfully the handsome new boy in town, Jake, is trying to get her attention taking it off of some of her problems. Jake is mysterious and has some interesting secrets of his own. As they draw closer and Elle learns more about Jake and his foster dad, the world changes forever. What has been seen can not be unseen.

I know I'm not in the demo of this book, so it's possible I didn't appreciate everything Dittemore was trying to do. I felt that the lead up to the action took awhile, but I can see where a young lady would get a kick out of the construction of Jake and Elle's relationship.

I will say that Dittemore did a good job handing little tidbits of information until things picked up. She didn't come right out and say what happened to Elle's friend, Ali, at school. That was enough to keep me reading until things got interesting.

All in all I really enjoyed Angel Eyes, even if it was aimed at young ladies. Dittemore is a very talented writer and she did a great job of bringing Elle to life. This is an interesting journey that Elle is going on and I'm interested to see where it leads. Whether or not we tour Broken Wings, the next book in the series, I will be reading it.

You can find out more about Shannon Dittemore and her novels on her website or Facebook page.

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*In conjunction with the CSFF Blog Tour I did receive a free copy of Angel Eyes.

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  1. Thanks for a good review, Shane. It was interesting to see your perspective on a book aimed at a "slightly" different demographic. ;-)



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